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Hey, Good Looking

Meditate on Inner Beauty

We live in a culture and age where we like everything to look beautiful. Shiny and clean, colorful and gorgeous - that's what we love! The images in magazines and movies create and reinforce this desire with countless examples of the ideal body, mate, house and car. We spend serious amounts of time and money working to achieve this perfection.

Think about how much time and energy you spend getting ready for your day, your party or your date; the daily primping plus shopping and gym workouts can take hours. Try this little test. Over the next week, add up the amount of time you spend on activities related to your outer environment, including your physical appearance. Then devote an equal amount of time to inner work and meditation.

I'm an idealist when it comes to spiritual health. Many of the busy people I know don't have the time or patience to meditate. But imagine the difference it would make in our society if we all spent at least half as much time primping our souls as we do our bodies and belongings. Wouldn't our group focus shift to a deeper experience of beauty? When the art of mandalas entered my life, I began to believe that these images represent the true essence of our beings. If that's what we look like beyond our external appearance, aren't we all already beautiful? That's what meditating on mandalas has helped me to see.

So try these two steps. Count up the time you “owe” to meditation. Then find a mandala that speaks to you and focus on its beauty. You'll begin to see that same beauty in not only yourself, but in everyone and everything around you.

Freedom Pioneer, Lover of Lines
Recommended CD: Crystal Bowls Chakra Chants by Jonathan Goldman


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