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The Earth Heart Line

If you’ve ever come home after a long day’s work and felt agitated by the simple question, “How was your day, honey?” you may have an Earth Heart Line. Each of the four Heart line types, Earth, Air, Water and Fire vary in the amount of time they need to spend connecting with others. Some Heart Line types need to spend a lot of time expressing feelings to be satisfied in their relationships and some, like Earth Heart Lines, need more time being with themselves than with others.

People with Earth Heart Lines are stoic, reliable and heroic. If you have an Earth Heart Line you are staunchly loyal to the people you love even though you may not express your love with words. You are more comfortable demonstrating your affection through practical actions. For a loved one’s birthday you may buy him/her new tires rather than a beautiful card and flowers.

Your non-negotiable need in relationships is personal freedom, which means spending time alone is imperative. For example, after coming home from work you may need an hour alone watering the garden or tinkering with a project before you’re ready to talk with your family about the day.

Because people with Earth Heart Lines need a lot of time to themselves they are often misunderstood. Your loved ones may interpret your need for “alone time” as a rejection. It is important to remind them that you will return from your time away and when you do, you will be ready to connect!

Meredyth Hunt
Certified Hand Analyst, Recreational Tree Climber 

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Susy V. commented on 24-Jul-2011 01:45 PM5 out of 5 stars

I am totally an Earth Line person! Thank you for sharing this! It makes me feel a bit more normal now :-)

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