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Hear the Quiet Voice

Intuitive Living - Introduction

We all have intuition. It's that still, small voice you hear when you quiet your mind and relax your body. It speaks to you from your own Higher Self. Your intuition uses whatever means necessary to get your attention and gift you with information for living this life gracefully. Intuition speak to you through the words of a song on the radio or the loving advice from a friend. I have even received guidance from a billboard on the side of the road.

Several years ago, I was selling advertising for a local health and wellness publication when I was guided to open a yoga studio. I had been practicing yoga for over 10 years on my own and it was a far-away dream that "someday" I would have my own studio. I remember waking up one morning and literally hearing a voice that said to open a yoga studio. Two months later it was up and running. I ran my studio for four years before deciding to move on to the next step in the journey.

Intuition can help you find your path in the darkness. It can light the way ahead. You can connect with this inner guidance in many ways. Try walking in nature, doing a meditative practice, long deep breathing or even soaking in a bubble bath. These are a few simple ways to connect to your intuitive nature.

In the upcoming series on Intuitive Living, we will explore ways you can connect with, listen to and follow your intuitive guidance. Every part of your life is enhanced by tuning in to your intuitive self. By learning to trust this guidance, you will be able to navigate this life you lead more easily.

Yogi Bhajan speaks on Meditation to Create Intuition (video)

Della McGee
Intuitive Reader, Hands-On Healer, Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor
Inner Peace Movement Studio

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