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Yoga on the Beach

I am not looking to teach yoga on my vacation to Goa and yet, somehow, these two beautiful Italians find me. We meet each morning on the soft, sun bleached sands, the calm ocean as a backdrop to our surreal painting. It seems ironic to be doing breath of fire as the sun emerges from the tall palm trees to light up the sky, changing the brownish calm lake into translucent green waves.

Scenic palm trees line the coast of Goa, and just inland, miles of emerald rice fields emerge, sparkling in the morning dew. Although, the endless beach parties have contributed to Goa's rising popularity among thrill seekers, in the morning, the timeless lifestyle of the natives emerges. Farmers tend to their harvest in the early morning, women carry huge urns of water on their heads, gracefully balancing their spines as they walk barefoot on the earth. The water ox roams the field and the white egrets ride on his back. Dogs run in the field, chasing oxen, and the rooster crows relentlessly— as if trying to silence the other birds’ morning song.

The air is warm with a perfect light breeze to cool the sweat off my face. As we take a deep breath to tune in and begin class with “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo,” a stray beach dog comes by and starts howling, as if to sing with us. We smile with deep joy, and continue with our eyes closed. Amazing! Even Indian beach dogs can feel the Kundalini rising! 

Thi Kim Hoang, PhD
Haridass Kaur
Travel Enthusiast, Writer, Producer, Yoga Teacher
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