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Teaching yoga internationally is a joy; for me it is a cultural partnership. Yoga is a universal language where truth emerges as hearts and minds focus on uplifting the spirit. That’s exactly what happened on my journey in the world to bring out laughter.

Recently I traveled to Central and South America to share my love for yoga. In Costa Rica, I stopped in a village searching for gas. While I waited, a villager came out to offer me some mangos. When I told him that I was teaching yoga, his curiosity showed through and I asked if he’d be interested in learning. So we began with sun salutations and laughter yoga. Honestly, he was a natural.

Next was Argentina—a country steeped in a culture tied to dance and song, as well as a history of over 70 years of oppression, distrust and violence. It’s clear why a smile doesn’t come easily and laughter needs a strong stimulus. Nonetheless, my friends and I brought some laughter yoga to a dedicated group of people who came out on a cold and dreary day to try something new.

I discovered that even though an attitude towards oneness isn’t always taught in our culture, it is our responsibility to share this with each other so we can recognize universal truths and heal as a global community. As a yogi, I am blessed with a way of life that lets me be strong, flexible and, ultimately gives me the ability to lighten up.

Simeon Darwick / Satmukh
Health Counselor
Joyfulness for Fitness
Laughter Yoga

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