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Astral Weather Report, April '12

April begins with Sun in Aries, encouraging you to get the ball rolling. There is an excited, anxious feeling in the air that says don’t think, just act. Your mind may be feeling out of sorts in general since the month starts out with Mercury retrograde until April 4. After Mercury turns direct, interpersonal communication gets back on track. It’s also a great day to meditate while Mercury shifts gears.

In the romance department, look out for a shift on April 3 when Venus moves into spunky Gemini and asks you to take a more lighthearted approach to love. Open up lines of communication between you and the people you care about.

The Full Moon on Good Friday, April 6, is likely to stir up big emotions and make your dream state more active than usual. Issues revolving around war versus peace and self versus the collective are big topics on the front burner. Within families, communities, and especially worldwide, events are likely to become quite explosive on and around this time.

The general tone of the month changes on April 19 when the Sun begins a four-week transit through Taurus. During this time, focus will be on security, finances, the home and the arts. This is a time to enjoy what you have and take care of it. Indulge in the comforts of the people and the environment around you instead of worrying so much about going out and getting, reaching, grabbing for more.

The New Moon on Saturday April 21st is a wonderful time to set new goals. Create a new budget and make a vision board of what you want to create for your life. Be patient and, most importantly, have trust and faith in the Universe. You are the magician of your own creation. Go ahead and dream—and dream big!

Japa Kaur
Musician, Astrologer, EFT Practitioner

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