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Astrology for Yogis - #8

Since the most ancient of times, in all cultures, and before all religions, the day of Summer Solstice was considered the turning point of the year. Many communities centered their sacred buildings upon the direct alignment with the solstices. The first science—astrology—was developed to observe these powerful days of the years.

The Sun represents the energy of the Soul. Many practices in yoga are based on working with the body’s solar energies, from sun salutations, to surya bheda (right nostril breathing) and to some of the oldest mantras, such as RAM or RAMA or the ancient Sun mantra OM SURAYA NAMAH.

This year’s Summer Solstice (June 20), when the solar energy is the highest and the soul’s light the brightest, is the most powerful day of the year to connect to your soul’s inner sun and meditate, meditate, meditate.

Gemini Sun Person
If you were born between June 14 and July 14, you are a Gemini Sun according to Vedic Astrology. Those born under a Gemini Sun are very intelligent people with abilities in many areas, especially the life sciences. They are successful people who are skillful with money and do well in their careers. They are polite, kind to others and are extremely good communicators. Talented in many things, they tend to try to do too much at once and can become tired from the endeavor. These are social people who require variety in life and dislike being bored.

Gemini Yogi
The Gemini Sun Yogi likes a variety of yoga practices and can learn fast! If there is someone talking in yoga class, odds are it is the Gemini Yogi. You love partner yoga, and can eventually excel at arm balances. Your attention may wander and you like a class with lots of movement and music or mantra. You need to learn to sit still so you can focus your mind, but even in relaxation your thoughts still race. You can become an excellent practitioner of pranayama as well as a student of the yogic texts.

Mehtab Benton
Certified Vedic Astrologer, Founder of Yoga Yoga Studios
Astrology Yogi

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