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Gear Up With Gemini

Astral Weather Report, June '11

The theme of early June is Gemini—sign of the twins. Gemini energy inspires you to connect with people who share similar thoughts, ideas and values, so it’s a great time for spiritual gatherings and family get-togethers.

June begins with the Sun and the Moon in Gemini – forming the recipe for a solar eclipse on June 1. On this auspicious day, let go of habits that no longer serve you. Send out a special wish to the universe. Enjoy a time of great opportunity, thanks to the cosmic portal created by the Sun and the Moon in this mutable air sign.

On June 2, Mercury joins the Gemini party. Communication will be faster, clearer and perhaps more boisterous than over the past month. On June 15, the Full Moon in Sagittarius sets the stage for a lunar eclipse, echoing the conjunction two weeks prior. The focus shifts to higher learning, religion, spirituality and the values and ideals you want to teach your children.

Mercury moves into soft, sentimental Cancer on June 16, splashing a wave of emotion on the scene. Your thoughts may turn to family, home and your mother. This emotional, tender energy is reinforced at the Solstice on June 21 when the Sun enters Cancer. The remainder of the month revolves around home and family, emphasizing self-care, healthy food and bubble baths.

Assess your emotional state and make sure you are getting the nurturing you need. Build a strong foundation for your spiritual practice and maintain an honest assessment of the dynamics at home, work and with friends and loved ones.

As June draws to a close, keep things light. Remember your obligations to family and try not to get distracted by petty issues. Enjoy the power of your communications, while setting personal boundaries. Go with the flow!

Japa Kaur
Musician, Astrologer, EFT Practitioner

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