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Malas and Meditation

By nature, the mind tends to wander off during meditation. The "mala" acts as a tool for counting repetitions and enhancing your meditation through the use of gemstones, mudras (hand positions) and mantras. In yogic technology, beads are strung on a circular pattern in groups of nine, up to 108 beads, and ending with a main or “Guru” Bead. A silk tassel is added at the end to represent the wisdom held in a thousand lotus petals (the Crown Chakra).

Each finger used with the mala relates to a different part of the brain. Pressing the mala over the meridian point of each finger, you create “mudras” (yogic hand positions) with different effects. The meridian point is located on the side of each finger between the tip and the first knuckle:

Index finger: Jupiter - wisdom

Middle finger: Saturn – patience

Ring finger: Sun - health and vitality

Little finger: Mercury – communication

To use a mala in meditation, hold the mala in either hand. Start with the bead next to the Guru Bead. As you repeat your mantra move each bead with the thumb towards the body. When you reach the Guru Bead, pause briefly and project your prayer, then turn the mala around starting with the last small bead you ended. Continue moving the mala toward you while repeating your mantra or affirmation on each bead.

Gemstones are powerful, active tools as they contain and concentrate the energies and the beauty of the Earth. Each stone has its own special quality and has often been associated with its own particular healing aspect or property.

Healing Meditation with Turquoise Mala:
Sit in an easy posture with one hand resting on the lap and the other resting over your knee holding your mala. Use the mantra “Healthy Am I, Happy Am I, Holy Am I” (one word on each stone) and visualize a joyful heart full of healing and abundance for yourself and your loved ones.

Kudrat Kaur Khalsa
The Mala Lady, Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher
Workshop Facilitator “Mudra, Mantra and Mala”
Recommended CD: Mantras of the Master by Santokh Singh PhD


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