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Gaelic Gong

In the Land of Erin

Descending through the white puffy clouds onto the patchwork of green fields, like a carefully sewn quilt, my long trans-Atlantic flight brought me to Ireland. As soon as I stepped onto the tarmac, the fresh smell of rain and the slowly clearing mist triggered tales of middle earth, magic and elves. Known as the land of the fairies, Ireland is home to many holy places – where angels appeared and saints walked.

I came to experience these high frequency locales and energetic vortices and, to add a bit of myself into the mystique, carried my 32" symphonic gong on my back as I climbed the hills of Lochine. At the top, I stopped to catch my breath, noticing the panoramic view of the lush, green valley and the seven lakes by the sea. I set up and, playing the gong with the sun on my back and the wind in my hair, felt like Merlin with his wand; waving, transforming and manifesting. The nymphs and fairies came out to hear the sound waves permeating and penetrating the air. So did a handful of innocent tourists who instinctively lay down to absorb the sound. 

Later that evening, I set my sights for the sacred stone circle, Drumbec, which the gatekeeper told me is as powerful as Stonehenge. Stepping gently on the clovers sprouting around the ancient stones, I notice the emptiness of my surroundings, the orange glowing sunset, and the immense feeling of reverence.

Haridass Kaur
Adventurist, Retreat Guide, Travel Enthusiast, Lover of Life
Infinite Goddess
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