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Five House Types

Which One Are You Living In?

Classical Feng Shui is a complex sister science to Acupuncture that uses time-tested calculations to determine a building’s unseen energy blueprint.

Every house is one of these basic Feng Shui House Types:

  • Wang Shan Wang Shui Houses have a natural, unstrained flow of energy supporting its People (health & relationships) and its Prosperity (finances & careers).
  • Double Facing Houses  have a positive flow for people but not for money.
  • Double Sitting Houses have a stronger flow for money and a weaker flow for people.
  • Reversed Houses are blocked for both people and money.
  • The 5th House Type is a Locked House or an ‘Imprisoned House.’ When you’re imprisoned your movements are restricted.

Any building can develop a lock on its flow, having to do with either relationships or prosperity, and in some cases both occur. This can happen to businesses as well as homes. Locks on people can foster poor relationships and health problems, including difficulty conceiving children. Businesses with a people lock have difficulty keeping employees and attracting customers.

When considering your home or business, recognize everything is cyclical. All buildings experience locks annually and in 20 year construction cycles. Houses that were built at the same time or facing in the same direction will experience locks simultaneously. This explains why certain neighborhoods often grow and thrive together while others decline.

If you’ve occupied the same building for decades, it can also help to explain money, health or relationship troubles that occur in a cyclical pattern. The good news is that for most buildings there is a way to release or prevent any given lock and in some cases, enhance prosperity.

In order to learn whether or not your House Type needs to be remedied requires a Classical Feng Shui evaluation by a trained professional. But no matter what your House Type, you can increase the prosperity of your building by installing a water feature outside, in the Southwest or East direction. This will remain true until Feb. 4, 2024. Large containers of clean, moving water provide natural beauty and metaphysical enhancement as they embody the flow, at these compass points, of sun energy through your home, business and life.

P.K. Odle
Classical Feng Shui Consultant
The Feng Shui Advantage
Recommended: The Principles of Feng Shui by Larry Sang
© 2009 P.K. Odle. All rights reserved.


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