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Feng Shui and the Haunted House

Does Your House Harbor Spirits?

How would you like to share your home with spirits of the dearly departed? Or in some cases the not so dearly departed? Many clients over the years have asked me if Feng Shui could help with a haunted house. And the answer is actually yes, to some extent.

Spirits feel most comfortable when your house is too YIN (dark, inactive, still). If you let more natural light into your home you make it more YANG (bright, active, lively) and often the spirit/s decide to depart. You can also use full spectrum light bulbs to imitate actual sunlight, which has the added bonus of helping you avoid depression during shorter winter days.

Certain combinations of unseen Feng Shui energies make spirits feel right at home. Classical Feng Shui refers to this as "Yin God Fully Grounded," meaning the Yin energy is fully grounded in the house from the moment it was built.

The worst place to live or work is where anyone has been buried or killed, because it is very difficult to cleanse the land or building. In Classical Feng Shui it is recommended to cleanse the building by letting it burn for at least 72 hours. This is rarely practical, but can be remedied with someone who has received special training in The Radiance Technique®, which uses pure light energy instead of fire to cleanse and transmute residual energy into the energy of Universal Love.

Another way to cope with living or working in a Haunted House is to build a shrine to the spirits as a sign of respect. This shows them you want to co-exist peacefully with them and your problems might be solved.

P.K. Odle

Classical Feng Shui Consultant

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