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Rose Quartz - The Love Stone

Rose quartz is ruled by the planet Venus and is associated with mysticism, beauty, romance and love. Use rose quartz for matters of the heart—it is also known to enhance creativity through compassion, forgiveness and love. There is nothing like the power of rose quartz to bring romance and harmony into a relationship. If you are looking for romance, you can be sure that Cupid’s arrow will be tipped with the very special and powerful rose quartz.

Rose quartz embodies many healing properties. This brilliant pink gemstone is said to increase fertility, ease emotional imbalances and help clear stored anger, resentment, guilt and jealousy. Rose quartz can also be used to reduce emotional stress and tension. Be sure to add at least one bead of this stone to your personal mala to enhance and deepen your projections of healing through love.

Gemstones are formed from pressure, light waves and planetary vibrations. Meditating with gemstone malas enhances your meditative practice, much like Kundalini Yoga tunes you into your ten yogic bodies. When you do yoga and chant mantras, you impose a structural pressure on yourself to eliminate tension and fill yourself with radiance, love and light. In a similar way, mala meditation stimulates the meridian points in the fingertips, creating balance and healing in the brain.

Translucent pink rose quartz is a powerful stone for meditation. Here is a lovely meditation to practice with your rose quartz bead mala: Sit in an easy posture with one hand resting in your lap and the other resting over your knee, holding your mala. As you rotate the mala, visualize a heart full of love and compassion for yourself and your loved ones. Chant “Bountiful, Blissful, Beautiful” from Mantras of the Master by Santokh Singh Khalsa.

Kudrat Kaur Khalsa
The Mala Lady, Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher
Workshop facilitator “Mudra, Mantra and the Mala”

Recommended: Gemstone Journeys and Mantras of the Master by Santokh Singh PhD

Photo Credit: Buddhist Malas


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