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Dreaming My Life

The Future Awaits

Ah, youth! I had so many plans and dreams. I keep peering at my past self and wondering, “Where did I go?” The journey of life – school, career, marriage, child-raising – has been quite a ride. Now, with child-rearing done, I feel my body moving to a new rhythm. I ponder - what should I be dreaming about for the next stage of my life?

I know I have many things to still look forward to. At the same time, I feel called upon to embrace the Unknown and “cast my fate to the wind.” I have spent so much of my life planning– what to eat, what to wear, where to work, where to live. What would happen if I allowed myself to simply flow towards those impulses that truly inspire me? What would my day look like? Would everything around me fall apart? Would the bills get paid, the laundry done, the groceries purchased? Would people in my life call me a slacker and pressure me to go back to the reliable person they know and love?

I feel the poet in me longing to sit and write all day. The sun calls me to sit on a rock and listen to nature, without a care in the world. I am drawn further away from the call of social duties and civic responsibilities. I am Alice…looking through the glass at a wonderful world that is beckoning me from afar. I don’t know how to find passage to this world yet, so for now I will keep one foot lodged in the “real” life that I worked so hard to create. But a part of me – my Soul, maybe? – will keep me posted on the news from the other side. Maybe I’ll get there sooner than I think…if I just keep believing and dreaming.

Sarb Nam Kaur Khalsa
Poetess and Yogamint Content Editor
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