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Desk For Success

Feng Shui Your Workplace

Applying feng shui to your office is easy, inexpensive and can be one of your best investments. The best place to start? Your desk, of course! Your desk space is personal – a place to reflect what you want to send out into the world. It’s your cockpit, the place where you manifest and emit your energy. Apply these two simple feng shui tips on your office or home desk to help manifest success in your work:

When sitting at your desk, you should be in “Command Position.” Placement of your desk allows you to maintain visible control of your environment. Ideally, your desk should provide a direct or peripheral view of the door from your chair, with a view out a window and a solid wall behind you. You may need to move your desk away from the wall. If not possible, place a mirror to allow you to see the entrance to your office in the mirror. Placing your desk in Command Position is the quickest and most powerful way to shift energy in your work space. Notice offices of successful people in your building; their desks will face the door. Move your desk and take command of your job.

Once you have placed your desk, cleaning your office may be one of the most productive things you can do to rid your job of stagnant energy, creating space for new clients, new sales, new contacts and new opportunities. With so many digital options, the amount of paper you need is minimal. Throw away any papers that you can store digitally and neatly file away those papers you absolutely need.

Let these two simple steps improve your office space. As you feel and breathe better, you will create a positive domino effect into your work – you’ll wonder why you didn’t “desk for success” sooner!

Tisha Morris
Certified Life Coach, Feng Shui Consultant, Energy Healer 
Author, 27 Things to Feng Shui Your Home (Good Things to Know) 


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