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Dark and Light

Tarot for a New Age

We are in Big Times and the message is loud and clear — it is time to shed our outmoded and false ego structures. As we enter this new age of Enlightenment, we must make way for the new foundation of simply being and living from the heart.

Tarot reminds us to celebrate both the Light and the Dark sides of ourselves. These two opposing forces contain the whole and are joining together now to bring about the coming transformation.

This autumn begins a cycle urging you to accept all parts of yourself completely, without inner judgment. In order to embrace the change there is a need for a more universal, intuitive communication.

Here is some guidance from Tarot for this time of change:

Page of Swords suggests that it is important to open your mind and establish new territory by entering and living from your heart.

King of Pentacles urges you to become the master of your physical world and live abundantly; not from survival, lack or greed, but from true abundance and acceptance of life in gratitude for all the blessings, both negative and positive.

The Master card guides you to own your personal mastery and acknowledge who you are as a spiritual being living a human life. As it is above, so it manifests on the earth plane. This is a time to welcome all aspects of your Self into the fullness of your Being.

Explore ways to integrate all your facets— bringing together your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies. We are truly one, both inside and out. Unity of darkness and light is the theme as we welcome this New Age!

Paula Greenstein
Intuitive, Integrative Divination Master Teacher
Author, The Book of Healing Tarot Layouts

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