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Crystal Clear Vibrations

Understanding Healing Stones

Crystal therapy is an ancient healing art that calls on the vibrations of healing stones and crystals. Healing stones are those which absorb light or reflect it poorly, such as black tourmaline or biotite lenses. Crystals are minerals that are clear and reflect light abundantly, like clear quartz or amethyst.

Stones and crystals have the potential of being healing stones if they have natural origins. This means they must come from the Earth's surface or her depths, not from a human laboratory.

Crystals and stones have been used as healing aids since the dawn of human civilization. Hildegard Von Bingen, a 12th-century German Benedictine abbess, carried out extensive studies on healing stones, elevating them to medical aids, rather than mere tools of folk medicine. She found a way of extracting the essence of those stones by creating “gem water.” The healing properties of gem water (drunk in small doses or applied to the skin) exceed wearing or carrying the healing stones.

Healing stones and crystals can be worn as pendants or carried around as hand comforters. However, their healing properties cannot be accessed fully this way, unless they are worn or carried for an extensive period of time. They also need to be cleaned and purified often.

All healing stones are most effective when their carrier uses them in meditation or when sleeping, so their vibrations can bypass the conscious mind and reach the unconscious, where our fears and emotions wait to be healed. In future articles, we will explore the various healing stones and how you can bring their crystal vibrations into your life!

Agnese Agnidevi Mandetta
Crystal Therapist, Reiki Master, Yogini
Crystal Yoga by Agnidevi

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