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Connecting the Dots

Art, Yoga and Life

No matter what is thrown my way, the “glue” of family love, art and yoga weave together to form a common thread in my life. Creative work and creative living are a synthesis of the life and nurturing I have received and now return to others through art and teaching. By utilizing creativity in all aspects of my life, I have found wholeness. The key is making a commitment to live without fear, no matter what is happening in my life.

Throughout 2009, I created a collage every day and in 2010, I created a painting every day. This discipline followed or preceded my asana practice. There was a flow between the physical motion of asana and the physical motion of art-making that was very connected. Should I ever feel less than accomplished as an artist, all I have to do is to pull those 731 images up on my computer. It’s very powerful to see them all together. My art is a living yoga.

My successes are immeasurable. I am blessed to have the time, the will, the ability and the discipline to live creatively. I succeed each time I conquer the first step of a daunting task, whether I am creating a piece of art, learning a new skill or sharing with others. On the most basic level, I make a point of doing something kind each day for whoever comes my way. I strive to enjoy the journey, as I feel the “dots” of my life being connected with each brushstroke, with each intentional breath.

Karen La Du
Artist, Teacher, Writer, Yogi
Founder/Co-Owner of The Kitchen Yogi  and Yoga-Art In Motion Workshops
Photo art by Karen La Du

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Karen La Du commented on 15-Jul-2011 12:48 PM5 out of 5 stars

So exciting to see my work at Yogamint. Thanks to all of you for your guidance and willingness to share your space with me. I thank you on behalf of Amy and myself, for the link to The Kitchen Yogi. Working on The Collage of Yoga for the next piece. Speaking
of peace, May the Peace of the Cosmos be with you today and always, Karen

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