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Centering From Chaos

Mandalas and Ant Hills

Ants. They're so busy, aren't they? Ants form highly organized colonies, except when their hills have been disturbed. Then it's mayhem! Trampling over each other, fighting and dying; yet eventually, they sort it all out and build new hills. Like ants on the move, we busy humans sometimes need help through the chaos. Like the ants, we have amazing tools to help us to connect. But what does this kind of a connection feel like to you?

For me, it starts when I'm in my center. I'm not in fear and I don't feel the need to talk, or be heard. I've created a comfortable space for myself, from which I can listen attentively, speak efficiently and love genuinely, positively affecting those around me. The fastest route to my center is drawing. Using a pen, paper or my computer, I create mandalas and designs – a series of lines that finally result in beauty, symmetry and organization – like a highly organized community. The process connects me to myself, the world, and the Universe. Like the ants, I find a way to “regroup” even in the midst of chaos or confusion.

Anyone can create a mandala or design. You just need a few tools and the desire to connect. The traditional way to create a mandala is to start with a dot in the center of the page. Using uniform shapes, lines and spirals, work from the center out, forming an ever-widening circle of symmetrical patterns. It helps to be patient with yourself and trust that what you're creating will lead you to a blissful state.

As you release fears, you’ll stop scurrying around like an ant. You might just find a way to genuinely connect with yourself and others – recharged and ready to go!

Dana Weekley
Freedom Pioneer, Lover of Lines
Mandala Wall Hangings
The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle


Emily commented on 17-Nov-2010 05:28 PM4 out of 5 stars

This is something new to me, but will definitely try. I love to work with swirls and color, and have never drawn a mandala before. I am so glad to see this short article, and find an easy and relaxing way to release my inner self.

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