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Astrology for Yogis

An Overview

Many people who practice yoga are also interested in astrology. Like astrology, yoga teaches us that what is outside of ourselves is a reflection of what is inside of ourselves, or as the ancient Greek mystics said, “As Above, so Below.” It is not necessary to incorporate the two. But it is important not to be afraid of the influence these two systems of self-analysis can have on one another. In fact, if you are open to it, this inter-relation can be quite helpful.

As with Ayurveda, the astrology of India (or Jyotish) was one of the original Vedic sciences, informing how yoga was originally taught. Just as these ancient masters deeply understood the value of the healing regimen of Ayurveda, they saw Vedic Astrology as potentially healing for their students and all those practicing yoga.

Astrology provides yogis with a set of powerful tools to discern the most appropriate yoga practices for them as well as the optimal time of day for that practice. The individual birth chart can help attune the yogi to mantras and meditations based upon the planetary energies, all of which assist in remediation and healing. On an elementary level, yoga practices can be done that are appropriate to the planetary energies of each day: warm and vital practices on the Sun-day, gentle and introspective practices on the Moon’s day (Monday), expansive meditation on Thursday (the day of Jupiter or the Guru energy), and so on.

Yoga provides the framework for self-transformation, but astrology gives a personalized road map. It is a way of understanding your karmic DNA and recognizing the challenges and opportunities of this lifetime. In short, it shows exactly what yoga practices will help you most so you can address them, and ultimately reach your destiny.

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