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Artist Interrupted

Life Drawing 101

In grade school I was given the message that I was not an artist. I just couldn’t get those pinto and white beans glued on the cardboard to look like a smiling face or a cute puppy or a tree that didn’t tilt precariously to the left. I had no sense of proportion or depth perception. I accepted the fact that art was not my calling and avoided any and all art classes throughout the rest of my school years.

After years of writing poetry, I am now ready to get out a box of crayons and some colored pencils and rediscover what I missed out on by giving up the visual arts. I have found parallels in creating visual art and in writing poetry. There are many of the same moments of inspiration, serendipity, surprise, challenge and frustration. They are sisters of the same process and bring with them a tremendous amount of liberation of the spirit. They demand an allegiance in time, effort and commitment to craft.

My right brain is an old friend who has been coming out of her closet. Even though it may be a case of better-late-than-never, I am not looking back to what could have been. Gifts come when they come. Through my journey of exploring my latent artist, I have been given the blessing to expand my inner and outer worlds. Maybe it is best to be given a second chance at something, to find out that what you dreaded is not only achievable, but joyful. Maybe? There is no maybe about it!

Life in Two Partsby Hari Bhajan Khalsa

One so like a pigeon on the line,
Composed of tiny bones
And rendable flesh,
Route clearly designated
To home in on the inevitable.

The other something pale,
Seeks the inside of everything,
Speaks when all others die down—
In whispers, pictures, suggestions
Of what it would be to fly
Without beak or arcing wing.

Hari Bhajan Khalsa
Yogamint Momma, Poet
Author of Life in Two Parts
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