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A Yogi's Perspective on Easter

Easter means so much more than chocolate bunnies and pastel suits. For Christians, it is the most important day on the calendar, the day when death transforms into life, and hardship is traded for glory. The story is powerful, but usually leads very quickly to interpretation, and often to an overemphasis on the difference between Jesus and us “regular folk.”

Yogis see the story a bit differently. The major difference is the acceptance of Jesus as a high-ranking teacher in the family of yogis. My teacher spoke about Jesus as a man who “Christed himself.” This alteration of the word “Christ” to a verb is telling. It indicates that Jesus was a man who gave himself to a process that produced Christ-consciousness.

This means that no matter what tradition you come from, an experience of rebirth is always readily available to you. To put it as simply as possible, by truly and utterly accepting what is, especially your inevitable death, you open yourself to a new perspective; you are reborn into a new, waking life.

This is where the glory comes in. For most of us, absolute acceptance of the reality of death is extremely difficult. But it is the cornerstone of meditation. So in the yogi’s eyes, the so-called “Passion” was actually a testament to a profound dispassion, the degree to which Jesus had, in his life, accepted his eventual death, and had even seen past it, into the timelessness of his new, infinitely neutral life. That is a life worth living, and one worth dying for.

Dev Atma
Managing Editor,
Project Manager, Kundalini Research Institute Library of Teachings
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