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Aries Yogis

Vedic Astrology for Yogis #7

The practice of Yoga and Astrology (Jyotish) has been linked together for hundreds of years. In this column we will look at the month ahead astrologically and see what we can learn about our yoga practices, life choices, and how to align and connect ourselves to the cosmic cycles.

This column uses the science of Vedic Astrology (which differs from Western astrology in reckoning the sign position of the planets) as it gives the best results for people on a yogic or spiritual journey. The highlights below reflect the Vedic Astrology sign positions for people born between April 14 and May 14.

Aries Sun Person
If you were born between April 14 and May 14, you are an Aries Sun according to Vedic Astrology. This is the most powerful sign for the Sun to be situated. It is the sign ruled by the planet Mars. Those thus influenced are generally powerful people, both in mind and body, as well as in spirit. You may feel born to lead. You will demonstrate good discretion and have lots of ideas for material, as well as spiritual, advancement. You are a goal setter, extremely competitive and quite intelligent—an unforgettable personality! You are not afraid to get involved and sometimes you may push yourself too hard. You may earn great wealth, yet, at times, you may not have much more than you need to keep body and soul together. You like to travel and may become well-known.

Aries Yogi
The Aries Sun Yogi is independent, self-expressive, courageous, competitive, and can be headstrong and impulsive. You enjoy an athletic approach to yoga. Watch for competitiveness, pushing too hard and jumping into a practice and then not following through. You will need to develop the ability to stick to what you start. You can be a high-energy yogi that can accomplish much if you don’t overdo it. Remember to lead with your heart—your Aries creativity, enthusiasm and confidence will inspire you and those around you to achieve the very best!

Mehtab Benton
Certified Vedic Astrologer, Founder of Yoga Yoga Studios
Astrology Yogi

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