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Astrology for Yogis #6

The practice of Yoga and Astrology (Jyotish) has been linked together for hundreds of years. In this column we will look at the month ahead astrologically and see what we can learn about our yoga practices, life choices, and how to align and connect ourselves to the cosmic cycles.

This column uses the science of Vedic Astrology (which differs from Western astrology in reckoning the sign position of the planets) as it gives the best results for people on a yogic or spiritual journey. The highlights below reflect the Vedic Astrology sign positions for people born between February 14 and March 14.

Aquarius Sun Person
If you were born between February 14 and March 14, you are an Aquarius Sun according to Vedic Astrology. People with the Sun in Aquarius are intelligent communicators and make excellent writers. You are a fast learner, highly dependable, and are able to do whatever is necessary to get the job finished properly. You may experience ups and downs in your career and your financial position. At work, you often find that you have to listen to people who are not nearly as capable as yourself. Your mind is always active and can come up with good ideas for other people's benefit, gaining respect and love. You are open to learning spiritual or philosophical concepts—and are often taught valuable lessons through the challenges you meet in life.

Aquarian Yogi
The Aquarius Sun Yogi is idealistic, friendly, humble and inventive. You enjoy an unusual approach to yoga practice that allows for self-discovery, sharing and group relationships. In a yoga teacher training program, the Aquarian yogi enjoys the community of the other students as much as the yoga. Occasionally, you exhibit eccentric behavior and demonstrate your free spirit in your yoga practice. It’s fine to let your Aquarian spirit shine!

Mehtab Benton
Certified Vedic Astrologer, Founder of Yoga Yoga Studios
Astrology Yogi

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Mary commented on 17-Feb-2012 10:03 AM1 out of 5 stars

What if you were born before Feb. 14 and on a spiritual journey? :(

The Yogamint Crew commented on 17-Feb-2012 11:51 AM3 out of 5 stars

Hi Mary, Thanks for your comment. This article is the 3rd in a series, exploring both the Vedic Astrology and Yogic aspects of a particular sign. If you are a Libra or Sagittarius, you can find those articles in our COSMIC CORNER/ASTROLOGY category. Articles
on the rest of the signs are coming down the road. So, stay tuned!

Anonymous commented on 17-Feb-2012 12:14 PM3 out of 5 stars

Are these dates correct? I'm an Aquarian, but born 23 January!

Nam Uttam commented on 20-Feb-2012 11:01 AM3 out of 5 stars

Hey, I was born on January 23 and I want to know about me as well.

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