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Animal Magnetism

Unlocking Nature's Symbolism

The world is full of magic; yet in today’s fast-paced environment you might easily lose sight of this reality. When you experience the fact that every leaf on a tree or glimpse of a star is full of magic, your life will open and your surroundings will be rich with meaning. Every aspect of nature holds the possibility of answers you need in order to solve some of life’s greatest challenges.

Native Americans looked to the magic of their environment for answers and healing. Animal medicine was used as a tool for healing. Through this type of medicine, native peoples sought to incorporate the unique energy of an animal that crossed their path into their lives. This energy would allow for the necessary physical, emotional, and spiritual transformations to take place.

You, too, may look to the ancient wisdom of animal symbols. Make note of any animals you encounter (including in your dreams) and sense your feelings surrounding their appearance. For instance, the turtle can teach you to live in a deliberate manner, and a squirrel’s carefree playfulness can inspire you to fill your life with joy. As you work with your animal guides, your unfolding understanding of their magic will enrich your life.

Look with new amazement at the animals you see while driving to work, or while taking a walk in the woods. Their play, interactions, and conflicts can be a rich source of information and new understanding for you. By investigating their strengths, weaknesses, and mythological meanings, you can unlock the symbolic secrets of the creatures that surround you.

Shannon Morgenstern
Teacher, Leader of SpiritualiTea

Recommended Reading: Chinese Power Animals: Archetypes of Transformation by Pamela Leigh Powers and Spirits of the Earth: A Guide to Native American Nature Symbols, Stories, and Ceremonies by Robert Lake-Thom


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