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It happens every time I step off the plane: a wicked smile comes across my face, no matter how physically tired I may be. Oh, how I embrace the excitement of travel and the thought of entering a different space, the smell of unfamiliar food, the sounds of people bustling about. While I completely concur with recent research that shows that travel causes stress, since it can be overly stimulating and taxing to the nervous system, I am in love with the feeling that comes in anticipation of a going on a trip.

After a year of traveling, even though I am in different cities, the routine is the same. I have refined the acclimation process so I can slip quickly into a comfortable state. By packing shawls, pillows and my own meals, I am sure my body will be at ease in transit. And I always stay hydrated. With my eye shades, ear plugs and iPod, I am equipped to go within and find the stillness inside myself, no matter how crazy the environment might be.

With my mantras and mala, I have all I need to transform airports, train and bus stations into an opportunity to deeply relax, meditate and rest. Quality sleep is one of the most important keys to staying refreshed and open to expansion, so I always allow myself time to sleep upon arrival. In short, taking time to be kind to myself allows me to thoroughly enjoy what might otherwise be a stressful situation. Instead, I just relax and enjoy the view!

Haridass Kaur/Thi Kim Hoang, PhD
Healer, Yogi, Entrepreneur
Infinite Goddess
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Nancy commented on 21-Oct-2009 05:30 AM5 out of 5 stars

What a lovely reflection! Thank you. I am currently traveling non-stop also; some yoga DVDs, a little speaker that can play my music and a daily Kundalini warm-up seems to keep me centered. Travel is so life-affirming, but exhausting. Yoga assists in expansion, as you say.

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