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A Mandala to Call Your Own

Release, Relief and Healing

Mandalas are living entities with their own life force energy. These ancient symbols bring the ability to communicate and facilitate healing, both subtly and powerfully, through your subconscious mind. At this time of great shift on our planet, you can develop a relationship with mandalas to help bring this healing into your life. What is the best way to work with mandala energy? Begin by choosing a mandala that speaks to you. You’ll be drawn to it for one reason or another. Try not to let your mind decide— just feel it.

Hang your mandala in a room that feels comfortable to you. Sit or stand in front of it. Get to know its lines and colors. Feel its vibration. Communicate with the mandala by focusing on its center while holding the palm of your hand over your heart. Remember to breathe! Ask for an opening, either silently or aloud. You're looking for a release, or a feeling of relief, in an area of your body that feels tight. It may come immediately or much later. Just trust that it will come.

For best results, place mandalas in every room in your house and practice connecting with them regularly. Discover your soul’s treasure by opening to the power of mandala healing. Mandalas bring the power to transform and elevate your life from the inside out, so find one (or several) to call your own and find the healing through this powerful, transformative tool. 

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Karen commented on 10-Jul-2011 12:18 PM1 out of 5 stars

I was hoping for some information on where to even start, what a mandala is, how a person might work with mandalas...

The Yogamint Crew commented on 10-Jul-2011 12:54 PM3 out of 5 stars

Karen, Thanks for your sharing your thoughts. Dana has written several articles for Yogamint on mandalas. You can see the first one where she explains mandala "basics' at You can also go to
her website, Nine Tomatoes for a treasure-trove of mandala info.

Dana commented on 11-Jul-2011 01:54 PM3 out of 5 stars

Hi Karen, If you still have questions, feel free to contact me. :))

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