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Welcome to the Yogamint Archive

Timeless wisdom served up in easily digestible portions, designed to freshen your day and enrich your life.

Sat Nam!

Welcome to the Yogamint Archive. There is a treasure trove of healthy yogic lifestyle mints to choose from that are still as fresh as the day they were posted. Browse around, search for a specific topic or navigate back to the main site for newer material.


  • 29-Aug-2012

    Quiet Time

    Embracing Solitude

    We are, by our very nature, social beings; but sometimes you just need to be alone. Henry David Thoreau said...

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  • 21-Aug-2011

    Simmer Down

    Cooling Yogic Breath

    Is it hot enough for you? If so, cool yourself down with some simple yogic breathing techniques. Here’s a good one...

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  • 01-Aug-2010

    Your Inner Air Conditioner

    Iced Peppermint Tea

    One of the most refreshing drinks of all time is iced peppermint tea. Keep this favorite in your fridge all summer long!

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cosmic corner

  • 11-Aug-2011

    Aligned with the Stars

    Astrology for Yogis #3

    Yoga and astrology (Jyotish) have been linked for hundreds of years. The science of Vedic astrology differs from Western astrology in reckoning the sign position of the planets and offers important...

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